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Galvano Brown GB10

by Brushing on Galvanized Steel or Zinc
Price $ 16.00

Galvano Brown GB10 imparts an instant Brown to Orange-Brown Finish via Brushing or Dipping Galvanized Steel.

Zinc/Galvanized Steel Parts should be thoroughly cleaned and prepped prior to usage.


  1. Prepare the Zinc Surface by brushing SURCLEAN-400 to degrease and descale. If galvanized Steel Parts are to be used, it is highly recommended to Sand or use some abrasive action prior to the cleaner.
  2. Rinse with Water.  Ensure no cleaning solution remains on surface.
  3. Brush Galvano Black on Surface until Surface is entirely covered.  Pay attention to edges and hard to reach areas.   If you were unable to sand the surface during the metal prep stage, multiple coats of Galvano Brown are needed to further darken the tone.
  4. Let Part sit for 30 Seconds- 1 Minute to Darken.  Repeat a second coat if parts are unsanded and need further darkening.
  5. Rinse with Water.  Ensure no Patina remains on surface.
  6. Air Dry.
  7. Seal Patina with the Acrylaq Series Clear coat.

Recommended Ancillary Products:

  1. SURCLEAN-400 Metal Conditioner
  2. Acrylaq-1045 FLAT Lacquer for Metal

Square Footage : Approximately 90-100 Square Feet Per Gallon

 Size Square Feet
8 oz Bottle 6-8
1 Gallon 90-100
4 Gallon Case 360-400
5 Gallon Bucket 450-500


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