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Aquamarine Verdegris | Prefabricated Patina Panels and Sheet

by SUR FIN Chemical.
Price $ 37.85

SUR-FIN's Prefabricated Patina Panels are an efficient way to utilize beautiful, astonishingly vibrant  Patina work handcrafted by SUR-FIN's in-house Patina Studio. 

These customizable Panels can be used for Architectural Works, Furniture Veneering, Backsplashes, Exterior Cladding, Wall Tiles, Main Entry/Exit Doorways, Table Tops, and numerous other Interior and Exterior Decorative applications.

Panels are sold by the Square Foot and are Customizable to any Dimensional Requirements.

For Orders Larger than a 200 Square feet, please send an inquiry to or call our sales line at 323-262-8108

Orders 200 Square feet or Less can be ordered online by the following method:

Please calculate your Total Surface Area in Square Feet by the Following Formulas

If Using Inches:

(Total Number of Panels) X (Length of a Single panel in Inches) X (Width of a Single Panel in Inches) ÷ 144 =  Total Area in Square Feet

If Using Feet:

(Total Number of Panels) X (Length of a Single panel in Feet) X (Width of a Single Panel in Feet)  =  Total Area in Square Feet

To purchase online, Select your Total Surface Area, Sheet Thickness, and Clear coat to Match the Exact Surface area previously calculated.

 For example, if your calculated area is 156 Square feet.  Order 1 Quantity of 100 Square feet, 2 Quantity of 25 Square feet, and 6 Quantity of 1 Square feet.  The total should add up to 156.

Place the exact Dimensions of your Panels  in the Order Notes During Checkout. If this is omitted, we cannot begin the order unless the Dimensions are emailed to

We highly encourage purchasing sample panels to evaluate prior to ordering full orders.

For all questions and inquiries contact our main sales lines at or call  at 323-262-8108.




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