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Steel Etch

by Brushing on Steel
Price $ 16.00

Steel Etch imparts an aggressive Rust Finish upon Brushing or Dipping.

Steel Parts should be thoroughly cleaned and prepped prior to usage.


  1. Prepare the Steel Surface by brushing SURCLEAN-400 to degrease and descale.
  2. Brush Steel etch on Surface until Surface is entirely covered.   Pay attention to edges and hard to reach areas.  Immediately upon brushing/dipping, a dull gray tone will develop
  3. Let Part sit for 3-5 days to develop an aggressive rust finish.  
  4. When part is completely dry and the rusting is complete, Seal the surface with an appropriate Lacquer for Metal.

Recommended Ancillary Products:

  1. SURCLEAN-400 Metal Conditioner
  2. Acrylaq-1045 FLAT Lacquer for Metal

Square Footage : Approximately 90-100 Square Feet Per Gallon

 Size Square Feet
8 oz Bottle 6-8
1 Gallon 90-100
4 Gallon Case 360-400
5 Gallon Bucket 450-500


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