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NI-Bronze 50

by Brushing on Stainless Steel
Price $ 17.50

NI-Bronze 50 imparts a Brown to Dark Bronze Finish upon Brushing on Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel Parts should be thoroughly sanded  prior application.


  1. Prepare the Stainless Steel by sanding or grinding the surface.
  2. Rinse/ Clean off any dirt or oils on your part with water.
  3. Brush NI-Bronze 50 on the Surface until Surface is entirely covered.  Pay attention to edges and hard to reach areas.
  4. After the surface is fully covered, gently tap the surface with the brush to even out the black tone.
  5. Rinse with Water.  Ensure no Patina remains on surface.
  6. Air Dry.
  7. Seal Patina with an appropriate Lacquer for Metal.

Recommended Ancillary Products:

  1. Orbital Sander, Palm Sander, Sandblaster, or grinder.
  2. Acrylaq-1045 FLAT Lacquer for Metal

Square Footage : Approximately 90-100 Square Feet Per Gallon

 Size Square Feet
8 oz Bottle 6-8
1 Gallon 90-100
4 Gallon Case 360-400
5 Gallon Bucket 450-500


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